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Exploring the Benefits of Working with a Child Support Attorney

Parents have to decide how to distribute their assets in a divorce. Property and other financial resources are included in this, but child support payments are one of the most crucial issues. These programs are intended to give kids the money they need for necessities like shelter, food, health care, and education. To guarantee they receive or pay the right amount, parents must hire a skilled child support attorney.

Since state laws pertaining to child support differ, it is essential to select an Augusta attorney that is knowledgeable about these specific rules. A lawyer can assist a client in estimating the amount of support they will likely pay or get by accounting for the present income and expenses of both parties, as well as any short- and long-term hardships, child custody issues, and other factors. A child support lawyer may occasionally assist parents in modifying current arrangements to account for evolving circumstances.

In Augusta, the Law Office of Catherine Verdery Ryan provides legal support for a range of family law and divorce matters. It offers guidance to parents in settling on visitation, custody, and support schedules that prioritize the well-being of their kids. It also aids in the enforcement or modification of a child support agreement to account for a parent’s changing situation. The lawyers at the firm have mediation and other family-related services training. They can also help with personal injury, domestic abuse, and divorce.

Georgia and South Carolina cases are handled by family law expert Amanda M. Bellotti. She is dedicated to advocating for her clients’ best interests and takes the time to get to know them personally. She attempts to provide people with peace of mind during the process because she recognizes how difficult and stressful these legal problems may be.

Lead Counsel independently confirms the qualifications of Augusta child support attorneys and looks into their status with bar associations. Locate a knowledgeable child support attorney to defend your case right now.

Joseph T. Rhodes Law Firm is a local law business that was established in 1946 and offers legal services to both individuals and families. The legal team at this organization has expertise managing intricate cases like adoptions, child support, and custody. They can also assist with estate planning, probate, and disputed or uncontested divorces. The firm represents clients both domestically and abroad in legal disputes.

Attorney Clayton L. Jolly III practices out of Augusta. He has been practicing family law, criminal defense, and closing real estate for more than thirty years. He has experience with family law matters including child custody, property distribution, and divorce. Additionally, he has defended clients against serious offenses like DUI and other felonies as well as felony and misdemeanor accusations. He has defended clients in magistrate and superior courts, among other courts. The American Association for Justice counts him among its members. He holds a certification as a public notary. He speaks Spanish and English well. He is authorized to practice law in both federal and state courts. Plus, he’s a mediator.

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